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National Bring Your Dog To Work Day | Tips on working with a dog!

We have compiled a few tips ready for Friday's Bring Your Dog To Work Day! With lockdown at the moment most of us are working from home with pooches anyway and some of these tips were absolute life savers!

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We know national bring your dog to work day is approaching and we thought there was no better time to let you guys in on a few tips that have been a lifesaver on working at home during lockdown with a pooch! They are adorable little things but god help us when some big pitch or presentation is approaching and our pup decides its playtime right in the middle of the big moment! Luckily we finally (only took us 3 lockdowns haha) might have cracked how to sort out our dogs routine to make sure we get the most out of our working days. Here are our few tips we have found that have really helped.

“They are adorable little things but god help us when some big pitch or presentation is approaching and our pup decides its playtime right in the middle of the big moment!.”

Make sure you don't forget your morning walk!

This is probably one of the best and most simple tips we have!

It's just like your own morning routine, as soon as it falls out of place things don't feel or go the same way. Making sure your pooch is walked settles him down for the day and allows him to settle (at least for the first few hours of your morning).

The morning walk can also allow your pooch to have some one on one time with you before you need your own time to focus on your work. Don't neglect your little friend and make sure you start off your day doing some exercise together, it can also be just as beneficial for you!

Make sure you don't forget to feed them at the same time!

Now yes we know! We might sound silly for mentioning this one but it is essential and often a very easy mistake to make. We can become so engrossed in our own projects we can forget about the simple things that help keep us as well as our dog sane throughout the day. I found that setting little alarms on my phone to remind me when I myself, and my little pooch both need feeding. As I'm sure you guys already know pups can become very irritable and restless when hungry which can lead to distraction from your work, so making sure you feed them at the correct time everyday sets them in a stable routine which makes them feel safe and secure.

Give your dog their own designated area!

This depends on where your pooch is in your home, if they are in the same room as you in your working day then setting a few boundaries is essential. Your pup needs to understand when its work time! If they are in their little space in the same room as you this means its chill time and time for themselves, not for playtime with you! Make sure that when it is playtime then remove yourself and your pooch from their chill time area and have a break together outside of that room! I would also suggest leaving the door open so that if they decide they want playtime when your still busy they can walk out the room and do as they please!

The chill time area in your working environment should be cosy and calm we suggest popping a cosy bed and a few cuddly friends there for them so that it feels just like their little own section!

A door bell!

This is something that I have just discovered and if you have just gotten a puppy then I highly recommend this great invention.

Working from home and having a puppy can be a NIGHTMARE! Trust me I know! But finding this potty training door bell is absolute genius and I wish I knew about this sooner! The idea is you attach the bell to your door handle and when your pup wants to go outside to the loo they ring the bell with either their nose or paw and instead of having a restless pup running around with you stressing about what it needs or wants, you now know exactly when they need to go outside!

Honestly they are super cheap some are only around £5 and they are such a a great idea when you need to have quick and clear communication with your pup.

Stimulation! Stimulation! Stimulation!

Let your pooch be a pooch! When you take a little tea and biscuit break teach your dog a new trick or play a game! Our pups need to be stimulated and if their brains aren't engaged in activities then they become restless.

Enjoy the pleasure of being able to work with your pooch there and allow yourself time to step away from your work and keep their brains active. I also think it helps us just as much and taking regular breaks where our mind is not focused on work is so healthy and can in turn make us more productive!

All in all make sure both you and your pup can enjoy the working day and be able to work and be alongside each other! We all love our furry friends and we want to make sure we can all create an environment that works for us as well as them!

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