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Monty's Puppy Starter Kit is a sustainable bundle made from high quality 100% British wool with a nylon webbing a super sturdy collection for your new pup! Soft, beautiful texture containing a lovely traditional green making it super comfortable.


By buying this kit you are getting a discounted price than buying everything seperately for your pooch!


This kit contains a the whole of 'Monty's' collection which includes all the main essentials for your new family member! Write your measurements below to make sure we can create a harness and collar that fits your exact pup's size.


This kit includes:

- A 4ft training lead,

- Adjustable harness, 

              (X-Small, Small or Medium) - Contact us if you would like another size.

- A biscuit bag,

- An adjustable collar,

               (X-Small or Medium) - Contact us if you would like another size.


Contact us via if you have any questions.


- Sustainable


- Adjustable

            fits a new little pup - send us your puppy's measurements in the description


- 100% British Wool


- Easy to Wash

            wipe clean or a cool machine wash


- Designed and Handmade in Britian


- Beautiful texture

Monty's Puppy Starter Kit

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